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Accomplishments This Week

Accomplishments This Week

We’ve seen the price of Sigil nearly triple this past week, largely thanks to a string of accomplishments and developments that are not slowing down. We’ve put an emphasis on expanding and transforming the internal team behind Sigil. Last week, we brought aboard a new team member to work on improving the Sigil wallets. We also expanded the hours that our mining pool team member will spend monitoring and working to improve Sigilmining.com. Yesterday, we hired our new Community Director, Andy, to be present in the Slack, Subreddit, and elsewhere to answer questions with better speed and accuracy.

A couple days ago, we launched a new marketing campaign on Twitter. Certain posts are promoted to reach thousands more, and the efforts are certainly working. We’ve seen Sigil rise in volume to top the charts of Stocks.exchange. This is also thanks to new encouragement for the community to trade some Sigil rather than just hold it all. An increase in volume increases our chances of getting Sigil listed on Coinmarketcap.com — $100,000 in daily volume is needed for a listing, and we currently have that!

This next week, we’ll continue to expand the team and work on improving the marketing campaign. We’re gathering stats on the marketing initiative and using them to tweak and adapt our promotions for better engagement. The Sigil ads are currently getting a 3% engagement rate, which is far above the average. Regardless, we’ll still work to increase it. We can always get bigger and better, and that’s the mantra that we’ll live by as we work to build Sigil up!

Trade Sigil at https://stocks.exchange/trade/SGL/BTC

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